A genius left us …

6 Oct

A genius left us. The computer world and beyond, the entire world will never be quite the same before and after Steve Jobs. The combination of art and technology was a harmony that has given us with talent.

The news saddens me and I pay here tribute to a visionary and his vision.

No more comment.


2 Réponses to “A genius left us …”

  1. Rosa Dakhmouche 10 octobre 2011 à 09:16 #

    Steve Jobs is the kind of people we can rarely meet . Fortunately he can help us feel more hopeful on the true nature of the human being and let us believe in the concept of good.

  2. stradefi 10 octobre 2011 à 15:29 #

    Thx for your comnent, my dear Rosa, and for being an usual reader … 😉

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